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Kefir for dogs

Kefir, otherwise known as the “grain of life” has so many health benefits. Many people in Canada and the US compare kefir to yogurt because they kinda look similar, but kefir is like YOGURT ON STEROIDS 😂😂! Kefir is a FERMENTED food that’s loaded with probiotics and beneficial yeasts (30 different strains) that help ward off the PATHOGENIC YEAST (don't confuse good and bad yeast bacteria strands) and bacteria. Being born in Eastern Europe I have grown up drinking kefir and eating quark (a version of cottage cheese) all my life. The yogurt only has probiotics when kefir has prebiotics as well as probiotics thanks to the natural fermentation process.


During natiral fermentation, changes in composition of nutrients and other ingredients take place. Slow acting yeasts breaks lactose down into ethanol and carbondioxide, which results in acidification of the product. As a result, very little lactose (mild sugar) remains in kefir. Kefir's abundance of beneficial yeast and bacteria provide lactase, an enzyme which consumes most of the lactose that is left after the fermentation process. Propionibacterium further breaks down some of the lactic acids into propionic acid. A portion of lactose is converted to kefiran, which is absorbed by gastric digestion (not to confuse it with the gut digestion). It has also been shown that fermented milk products have a slower

absorption time in the digestion system than milk, which may further improve lactose digestion, which as a result means that kefir is often tolerated well by dogs (and humans) that are lactose intolerant otherwise.

👉Kefir grains contain around 30 strains of beneficial bacteria. Some of the major strains include the lactobacillales. Lactobacillus kefir, has been shown to inhibit the growth of some harmful bacteria such as salmonella, h-pylori and e-coli and is used in some gut inflammatory disorders.

👉Kefir is rich in B complex vitamins such as Vitamin B1, B12, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and biotin, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. A word of advice get your hands on some kefir grains and start fermenting your own power food at home. Kefir grains can be purchased in many health food stores nowadays just like kombucha starters.

‼️If your dog is on a dry food diet, their food could contain up to 70% carbohydrates!! Carbohydrates wreak homeostasis in your dog's body and metabolism because they are essentially fuel for pathogenic yeast. If your dog is smelly, itchy, losing fur, or has frequent ear infections, they may have an issue with yeast overgrowth.

‼️If your dog has recently undergone extra stress (like staying in a kennel) or has taken medication, especially antibiotics, you need to add a probiotic and prebiotics like kefir immediately.


Here is a short list of the benefits of supplementing with kefir: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, helps with candidiasis, irritable bowel disorder (IBD), allergies, and it’s filled with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

👉Kefir provides antibiotic and antifungal properties

👉Kefir is a must add after the use of antibiotics to restore balance to your dog's digestive tract (and its way cheeper than buying dry packaged supplements from your vet's office)

👉 Kefir Helps to prevent allergies in your dog

👉 Kefir Beneficial for candidacies and heart problems in pets

👉Vitamin B found in Kefir will regulate the normal function of the kidneys, liver and nervous system

👉 Kefir Helps to promote healthy-looking skin, boost energy and promot longevity

👉All the micro-organisms present in Kefir strengthen the digestive system

👉 Kefir Helps to alleviate gas, bloating and heartburn

👉Probiotics found in  Kefir aid help with IBD, eczema and bad breath

👉 Kefir Has been linked to aid in gastritis, pancreatitis, abdominal peptic issues, rheumatism, joint disease as well as gout and arthritis, weakening of bones, anemia, and leaky digestive tract syndrome

👉 Kefir aids in reducing risks of potential number of cancerouse growth and abnormalities, such as colon cancer and slowing the growth of cancerous cells

👉Kefir aids in controlling high blood sugar in diabetes and high cholesterol levels

The composition of kefir depends on the type of milk that was fermented. Kefir is traditionally prepared with cow’s milk, but it is available with sheep or goat’s milk – it’s just harder to find. But all worth looking for!


👉Small breeds - 1 tsp. - 1 tbsp

👉Medium breeds - 1 - 2 tbsp.

👉Large breeds - 2 - 3 tbsp.

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