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Thank you for your interest in our rescue and rehome program. If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs in need of a home please fill out our questionnaire below. We will contact all applicants to set up an interview. 

We are accepting donations to help with our rescue care expenses (vet care, vaccinations, spay/neuter, food including special dietary requirements, housing and behavioural correction and training) that can be made through etransfer to

Toys and kennel supplies are always welcome if you would like to help us out to provide enrichment and a home-like environment for our rescue. Our Amazon wishlist with supplies can be found here


We also encourage everyone to support the good cause of rescuing Samoyeds across Canada please the Samoyed Association of Canada to make a donation and support a great cause.

Rescue Adoption Questionnarie

Thank you for your interest in our rescue program and for considering one of our dogs as a new member of your family. If you would like to be considered as forever family for one of our dogs, please email your answers to

  1. What made you decide on this breed?

  2. What research have you done about this breed?

  3. Do you currently own any pets, if YES please describe/list ALL species, breed, age, gender and if spayed or neutered.

  4. How many members are in your family and their age? Briefly describe your family.

  5. Living accommodations for you and your dog. Where do you live? In what conditions will the dog live? Do you have a fenced yard? Will you crate the dog? How many hours a day do you expect the dog to be alone?

  6. Any particular dog behaviours are not ready to deal with?

  7. Describe the grooming and care routine.

  8. Preferred gender of the adopting dog.

  9. If for any reason you could not keep your dog at any point during its lifetime, are you willing to return him/her to us to find a new suitable home?

  10. As well do you agree to not advertise your Last Samurai Kennel and Pawtopia Pet Resort and Rescue dogs as available for sale or free on social media, online or paper classified ads, etc - but rather to notify us and work with us to get the dog back to us?

  11. Please provide Veterinarian information (which might be used for references).

  12. How and when will the dog be picked up from the rescue kennel?

  13. Do you have any more questions for us about the puppy or the breed?

  14. Please provide your full address, email and phone number.

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