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Our Rescue Program

Last Samurai Kennel and Pawtopia Pet Resert had been working in collaboration with the Samoyed Association of Canada (SAC) since 2021 as foster and care provider to Samoyeds in need of a new start to life across Canada. We are also proud to facilitate our own Pawtopia Rescue Program at our kennel permises which helps find loving homes to Akitas and Shiba Inus in need of a second chance.  We had been very lucky to work hand in hand with leading veterinary care providers, groomers, canine dental hygienists and behavioural trainers to be able to facilitate this amazing program of giving a second chance to find love and home to those dogs in need.

About Our Rescue Program 

Many of Our Rescue dogs are adult Samoyeds, Shiba Inu and Akitas which may have been surrendered at animal shelters, picked up as strays, or posted online as needing a new home. These dogs have been given up for any number of reasons: a family moves and are unable or unwilling to take the dog along, an owner dies, or gets divorced, the dog develops medical issues that are too financially burdensome, or perhaps the dog, no longer a cute puppy is perceived to be a nuisance and is simply abandoned to make its own way, the list goes on and on.

Behaviour problems and health issues are the two most common reasons for a dog being surrendered to shelters or posted online for re-homing. Usually, simple training techniques can be used to correct most behaviour problems, as experienced trainer will attest to. Dogs with health issues may require testing and ongoing care and medication, which new families will need to commit to.

We rarely have puppies available, and we DO NOT pay for Dogs needing to be re-homed online.

On volonteer basis our retrieve Samoyeds, Akitas and Shiba Inus in need from shelters if required or will contact the person posting online about needing to re-home their dog to facilitate surrendering the dog to our Rescue program. We then arrange to have the dog picked up and ensure that the dogs are assessed by a veterinarian who checks the dog's health and provides all necessary treatment, all inoculations, and spaying or neutering when necessary.

The rescued dog is then kept briefly for an initial assessment here at Pawtopia Pet Resort and Rescue facilities before being placed in a permanent and/or foster home. The rescued dog is also fully groomed during this time and spaying/neutering is planned if required.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting and providing a loving home to one of our rescues or rehome program adults or puppies please contact Pawtopia Pet Resort/Last Samurai Kennel directly.


If you are intrested in helping us financial to care for the rescues in need we do accept donations that can be made by e-transfer 


Toys, treats, training whelping (we do take mama dogs in at times) and kennel supplies are always welcomed if you would like to help us out caring for our rescue dogs you can visit our Amazon account

Samoyed Association of Canada is accepting donations to help with care and medical expenses for all the Samoyeds across Canada in need donations can be made directly on the SAC website through PayPal or e-transfer.

Click here to read up on our rescue stories and find available dogs for adoption.

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