Our Kennel

Last Samurai is CKC REGISTERED kennel with the mission to breed genetically healthy and health-tested purebred dogs. We carefully select our dams and sires for our breeding programs based on their temperaments and physical traits. All our dogs used in our exceptional breeding programs are OFA tested and cleared including hips & elbows, thyroid, eyes and cardio assessments along with genetic testings for congenital abnormalities. We are proud to be called ethical breeders who put love and care into raising great-looking healthy and socially adequate dogs.



Our Samoyeds have distinctive polar bear features and very gentle temperaments. Over the years we selectively hand picked the best traits from world leading kennels with multiple international champion titles. Our bloodlines carry Vanderbilt (Canada), Wild Snow Kingdom (Ukraine), Moscow Blizzard (Russia), Dragviken (Poland), Belolakay (Russia), Margarita's Kingdom (Russia), Yin Se Xing Kong (Korea), Panda Sharm (Russia), Polar Mist (USA), Alkhabor Almira (Russia), My Majesty (Russia), De Villaodin (Spain) and Dorian Spring (Russia).

American Akita

We are very proud to be called truly Canadian breeders of American Akitas. We hand pick our sires and dams for their strong musculature, wide skeletal components and big bear heads. Our home breed akitas have one of a kind temperaments and know for their stable temperaments and high socialization. Our breeding dogs come from the best know kennels and champion bloodlines such as Day Dream's Akita, Regalia, Ruthdale, Namika, Large Heart Akitas, Ziges Bevust.  


Akita Inu (Japanese Akita)

This breeding program will start in late 2022 in collaboration with Taiga Kennel. Our kenneling facility and breeding experience will be used in support of this breeding line and mentorship. 

Shiba Inu

This breeding program is new to Last Samurai. We recently just started to hand pick our future sires and dams. The first litter is planned no earlier than late 2022.