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What is the daily stay rate?
45$ per day per dog each boarded on their own in our STANDARD ROOM, 50$ per day per dog boarded in our VIP ROOM, 55$ per day per dog boarded in our LARGE VIP ROOM. For SMALL and MEDIUM-sized dogs 2 can be boarded together in one of our LARGE VIP ROOM at 80$ per day.

What are your check-in and check-out times?
Guest check-ins and check-outs are between 9 am-11 am and 5 pm-7 pm. Other timing can be arranged for 10$ extra.

How much do you charge per stay?
Our charges are similar to a hotel. The day your pet arrives, you are charged for the day, regardless of check-in time. If your dog is checked out during morning hours on any given day, no charge for the day.
For example, if you checked in your dog during evening hours on a Wednesday and checked out during morning hours on Thursday, you only be charged for one day. If your dog checks in Wednesday evening and checks out Thursday evening, you would be charged for two days

Will my dog be taken for a walk?
Yes, that can be arranged for 15$ extra per day per guest walked separately on a leash for 30 minutes weather permitting. Also, all dogs and pups have secured 24/7 access to their own doggy yard run connected to their room through the doggy door.

Will my dog have group playtime?
Yes, we have one group playtime in the secured doggy play pan for 30 minutes daily weather and guest amount permitting. Price 5$ per 30 minutes of supervised activity.

What type of rooms do you offer and what is included in the room setup?
We offer three types of boarding room accommodations. Standard,  VIP and large VIP rooms.
All rooms include food/water bowls, DoggySnooze beds with blankets and toys. However, it's strongly recommended to bring a few of their own, especially a bed or blanket and fav toys to decrease separation anxiety. We can also provide food (TLC brand) and snacks for an extra cost but it is highly recommended to bring their own to decrease upset stomachs and diarrhea.

Do you offer anything else extra?
We also provide one on one extra care, playtime and petting for 30 minutes daily for 10$ extra per day.
Daily grooming/brushing for 40-60$ size and coat type depending.
Basic wash and grooming with nail trimming and ear cleaning included for 60-120$ size and coat type depending.

We also have a small PET STORE on our premises for all the extras your four-legged family members might need or run short of.

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