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American Akita vs Japanese Akita Inu

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Two breeds. A side by side photo of a 3.5 year old male Japanese Akitainu (left) and a 1 year old female American Akita. (right) In 2020, the Japanese Akitainu was accepted into the Foundation Stock Service and this year, the breed entered the AKC and CKC Miscellaneous class - meaning that these two very different dogs are now globally recognized as separate breeds in every registry. While the visual differences are very apparent, there are some temperament variations between the two Akita breeds as well. The American Akita is larger and more powerful, having a bigger frame and heavier body while the Japanese Akitainu is leaner built, more refined and agile.

The American Akita comes in most color varieties and markings, with merle and liver color as a disqualification, and typically seen with a black mask. The Japanese Akitainu comes in only three colors: red, brindle (of varying color) and white. The Japanese Akitainu will never have a black mask. Both breeds are primitive, independent thinkers and require a bond built on mutual respect - but in regards to training, the American Akita tends to have a higher biddability and less of a self preserving demeanor than the Japanese Akitainu. Both breeds are far more capable and versatile than most credit them for and with an owner who is understanding of their temperament, genetics, requirements and can approach ownership and training with this in mind, they can make wonderful companions, family members, sport dogs or working dogs. As with any breed, research is necessary to determine if an Akita is right for you and more importantly, if you are right for an Akita.

Great thank you to Alexis Spalding for

allowing to share this information with you and her great looking dogs!

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