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Mixed Messages in Training Your Dog

As pet owners, we all face a common issue - mixed messages that we tend to give to our furry friends. This is especially concerning if you have an anxious dog/puppy, as it can worsen their anxiety and make things even more difficult for them and you. Despite our best intentions, we often end up sending conflicting signals and cues to our dogs without even realizing it. These mixed messages can be incredibly confusing for them and can hamper our efforts to train them and build a strong bond. It's important to be mindful of the messages we send and strive to be consistent in our communication with our four-legged companions. Look at the examples listed below from your dog's or pup’s point of view.

👉you may give your pup an old shoe to shoes are now ok to chew? Chew on shoes he/she will!

👉 You may tell your dog "down" over and over when you want them out of the car but they ARE down (lying down) in the back seat.

👉 They are not allowed on the furniture.....but occasionally when a movie is on they are allowed because you are in the mood to cuddle.

Have you ever felt frustrated when your dog or puppy seems to ignore your commands? It's like you're speaking two different languages, right? Well, the truth is, as owners, we can sometimes unknowingly confuse our furry friends with mixed messages. And let's face it, it's tough being a dog (or a young pup) trying to decipher what all of our different words and body language signals mean.

But if we start paying attention to the mixed messages we give, we may just start to see how many times our signals are unclear. By becoming more aware of how we communicate with our four-legged companions, we can reduce their anxiety and stress, and build a stronger bond with them. So, let's work towards clear communication and happy pups!

Things to be mindful when communicating/traing your dog/puppy:

🙄💭Are they ignoring or have we just asked them something that has a totally different meaning to the last time you said those words?

👉Have a talk with the family and work out the SAME words, cues, body signs and clear "rules" going forward. You need to work as one person with a consistent routine and set rules.

Your dog will thank you and they WILL start to show you more wanted behaviour and less unwanted behaviour simply because they now understand exactly what you are trying to communicate.

Remember without clear communication you won't reach your goals or convey a well-understood message.

👉Different rules.

👉Different words.

👉Different expectations.

👆They will always give you far different results than you may want.

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