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Last Samurai Puppy Adoption Questionary

Kindly email your answers to

  1. What made you decide on this breed?

  2. What research have you done about this breed?

  3. Prior breed or dog experience, please specify.

  4. What other pets do you own now? If dogs, what breed? How many? And their age.

  5. How many members are in your family and their age?

  6. Briefly describe your family.

  7. How active is your family is and what activities your puppy will be taking part in?

  8. Living accommodations for you and your puppy. Where do you live? In what conditions will the dog live? Do you have a fenced yard? How will you exercise the dog?

  9. Who will be the primary care attendant for the puppy?

  10. How many hours a day do you expect the puppy to be alone?

  11. Describe the planned training strategy for the puppy.

  12. If going on vacation who and how will puppy/dog be accommodated/looked after.

  13. Describe the grooming and puppy care routine.

  14. Do you have the necessary resources to ensure the best life for your dog?

  15. What do you have already set up for the new puppy in your household crate, potty area, play area, safety equipment and what safety and precautions will be taken?

  16. Activity expectancy for the puppy.

  17. The temperament of the puppy you would like.

  18. Preferred gender of the puppy.

  19. Plans for spaying/neutering puppy.

  20. Pet, show or breeding expectancy.

  21. What is Your total puppy/dog budget (not including the purchase price)?

  22. If you can’t keep the dog for any reason, will you return him to the breeder?

  23. Veterinarian information (might be used for references).

  24. How and when will the puppy be picked up from the kennel?

  25. Any references that you can provide.

  26. Do you have any more questions for me about the puppy or the breed?

  27. Please attach a copy of your driving license with this application.


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