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Choosing the groomer for your dog

Choosing the groomer for your dog

I’ve had a few concerning calls over the past couple of months.  Concerned owners sharing their not so great grooming experiences at grooming salons. I have posted some tips about choosing the right groomer for you and your furry family member before, but it doesn't hurt to post again.

The pet grooming industry is unregulated, meaning anyone, with little to no experience can call themselves a groomer and offer grooming services and train others to groom.  Yes, this is pretty scary and I see it all the time just as with so-called trainers without proper education or experience and boarding/daycare facilities.  Grooming takes months and months of on-the-job and in-class training,  and even years to perfect as a craft and have the knowledge and skills to be able to handle all situations safely for dog and for the groomer him/herself. As well as breed grooming requirements and behavioural traits education with basic handling and on-the-job safety procedures.

Here are some tips to choosing the right grooming facility and groomer for your dog.

👉Always ask the groomer about his/her experience.  This is key.  You can ask to see a portfolio of work.  If they have less than a year of experience, are they working under someone that has more experience and can check over the work?

👉Ask the groomer about your furry family member breed experience and grooming requirements. Is he/she familiar with your breed?

👉Ask the groomer about his/her training and education. Do they have any k9 behavioural training? How do they desensitize/condition new to the grooming experience pup? How do they deal with elderly dogs or dogs with limited motion abilities? Or anxiety issues?

👉Ask the groomer about their vaccination requirements for their doggy clients. And the facility disinfection protocol.

👉Ask the groomer how would your dog be handled before and after grooming. Will the dog be crated? Or be allowed to romp in a safely designated waiting area with other dogs?

👉Ask the groomer about the products and brands they use on your dog (shampoos, conditioners etc).

👉Read reviews of the place and/or groomer you are looking to book, which will give you some insight into others' experiences at that place.

👉After you have chatted with your potential groomer, do you get the the sense that they are passionate about their industry and compassionate?

👉 Finally go check out the facility.  Is it clean?  Easily accessible for you and your pet?

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